Your Trusted Portal
To The Internet Of Value.
  • A Wallet, Portfolio Manager and Built-in Exchange for the Blockchain Community
  • Secure Multi-Currency Wallet, a better solution for your convenient usage of crypto wallet
  • Decentralized Exchange based on Dexlize Protocol which will offer the best liquidity


BitPortal is your trusted portal to the Internet of Value.
Take back control. Own your private keys and don't suffer the crisis of escrow
An Open-source and robust platform built by a experienced team
Manage your portfolio with ease. A one-stop app for all things crypto

Assets Management

Manage your native and cross-chain assets with ease through a user-friendly mobile app.

Cryptographically secure transactions and local storage of your information, Bitportal does not store your data.

Bitportal implements a multi-layer security protocol to protect your wallet.

Fast decentralized trading

No trigger to stop the trade

Direct trading in wallet, control your own trade and assets

No single point of failure risk

Rich dApp ecology

Catch up with the hottest and most active DApp

Compatible with Scatter, and comprehensive SDK documentation

Direct to the dApps via dApp Browser